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  • Engineers : Face of unemployment in India

    Engineering; A degree every K-12 student studying science dreams to have without giving a second thought about understanding whether they have the potential to be a good engineer; this is the sole reason that we are churning out around 1.5 million engineering graduates every year and only 20% of them are employable. One of the […]

  • Free Basics and : The Mohini Trap by Facebook

    The Facebook CEO Mr. Zuckerberg wants to create a better, more open and connected world for his new born daughter,  but in India he is facing a huge problem in achieving his goals because about 1 year ago when he launched and many netizens protested against it as it was against net neutrality. After this […]

  • Boost Your Confidence like Tony Stark

    While Batman and Spiderman hide behind a mask, Iron Man wants the world to know that Tony Stark is the man in the suit. He’s a character who the world can relate because he’s not the perfect character as many Super Heroes are depicted. He has his flaws like the average person yet has built […]