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    I am currently reading Container Security by Liz Rice.

  • Book Review : Hands-on Red Team Tactics

    Book Details: Authors: Himanshu Sharma & Harpreet Singh ISBN: 9781788995238 Publisher: PacktPub The red teaming concept has existed since the 6th century BCE when the ancient military genius Sun Tzu stated that “…one who knows the enemy and knows himself will not be endangered in a hundred engagements.”.  Today, red teaming concepts continue to evolve to […]

  • Cyber Security, DFIR & SOC Interview Questions [Update 2020]

    Cyber Security is an exciting field, and every next person wants to explore this domain and make a career in it. Still, the problem is they have no idea how to get in and even if they do, They don’t have any idea on what type of questions they might face in an interview. A […]

  • Low-Cost Honeypots as Enterprise Defense Mechanism

    Since the launch of Fred Cohens’ Deception Toolkit in 1998 (First publically released Honeypot), Honeypots has been a proven useful method for attack detection and analysis. As these honeypots are complex in installation and require high maintenance, they are yet to get their proper place in enterprise security suits. However, the honeypot technology has been […]

  • Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) using Docker

    With the increasing popularity of container virtualization technology Now it has become imperative for forensics professionals to implement “Docker” technology in Digital Forensics and Incident Response operations to reduce a headache reconfiguring set up every time for different cases and increase productivity, One aspect of the using Docker for DFIR operations is providing Docker images […]

  • Follow KITTEN to avoid your next cyber security incident

    This pic of the kitten looks cute & cuddly but can you imagine a funny cat picture can destroy your data? Life of Information Security Analysts and Engineers was hell last year, given last year what we have in Internet Security; Rise of Ransomware, Inside Threats, Heartbleed, DirtyCOW and so on. Security Engineers, Analysts and […]

  • Book Review : Mastering Metasploit Edition 1 & 2

    Book Details: Author: Nipun Jaswal ISBN: 9781782162223 (Edition 1), 9781786463166 (Edition 2) Publisher: PacktPub In the crowded world of books on Metasploit; I find this book unique as most of them focus on “How to use Metasploit” but this book gives you an understanding and encouragement towards how you can port your exploit to Metasploit. I have […]

  • Engineers : Face of unemployment in India

    Engineering; A degree every K-12 student studying science dreams to have without giving a second thought about understanding whether they have the potential to be a good engineer; this is the sole reason that we are churning out around 1.5 million engineering graduates every year and only 20% of them are employable. One of the […]

  • Free Basics and : The Mohini Trap by Facebook

    The Facebook CEO Mr. Zuckerberg wants to create a better, more open and connected world for his new born daughter,  but in India he is facing a huge problem in achieving his goals because about 1 year ago when he launched and many netizens protested against it as it was against net neutrality. After this […]

  • Boost Your Confidence like Tony Stark

    While Batman and Spiderman hide behind a mask, Iron Man wants the world to know that Tony Stark is the man in the suit. He’s a character who the world can relate because he’s not the perfect character as many Super Heroes are depicted. He has his flaws like the average person yet has built […]